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Welcome to PCI, your data management specialist. Whether you need data storage, data compression, data streaming, data security, data analysis, or a custom data solution we have got you covered!

Our family of products uses a patented/patent pending polymorphic A.I. engine software in conjunction with our proprietary set theory-based algorithms to manage any data more efficiently than what’s currently available. Allowing for virtually any customization you can dream up.

Our technology has been 3rd party verified and D.O.D. approved!

Data Security

Threat Assessment, Data Encryption, System Monitoring


Stream Any Type of Data, Speed Up Data Delivery, Maximize Bandwidth Capabilities

Data Storage

Double the Data Storage Capacity of Cloud, Mobile Devices, Drives…


Facial Recognition, Anomaly Detection, Image Analysis, Predictive Analytics

Product Demos

Endless Possibilities

Select one of our products or let us customize them for a specific use!

Neural AI

When Every Second Counts

Mobile app guides doctors quickly to critical parts of the brain damaged by strokes. 


Do more with compression

Mobile app doubles the memory storage of your mobile device, pc, data storage, cloud storage...


Object Identification and Tracking

Drone object detection, identification, and tracking technology. Locate lost children, hikers, animals, or criminals over any terrain.


Computer Enhanced Data Delivery

Double the bandwidth or double the users on an existing satellite with a CEDD box. Save hundreds of millions of $$ and years waiting to put another satellite up.

nX Video

Streaming & Compression

This movie selection to showcases the adaptability and versatility of nX with varying movie types. nX excels at the same sequences where other codecs fall short.


Subsurface Anomaly Detection

Find submerged submarines from single image of the ocean surface. Stealh is a thing of the past. Our AI engine identifies and deciphers patterns in all data formats. Imagine what you will find!


Advanced Video Analytics

Create zones for interior and exterior video security analysis. Setup directional alerts for anything (ex. Autos, pedestrians, animals…)


Predictive stock analytics

Don't just guess, know. 70% accuracy year to date for 2019.


About Us

Advanced solutions for tomorrows technology!

We are a Seattle-based technology company that has developed breakthrough patented proprietary algorithms and processes, which offer stunning improvements in the way data is managed, protected, and used.

Our Founders, management and other key personnel have collectively over 51 years of experience in software development and over 30 years of experience in business management. We are comprised of seasoned programmers, software designers, and software engineers who have worked on various projects for various Fortune 500 companies including DuPont, Kodak, Ciba-Geigy, Corning, Baxter, American Hospital, GE, Kaiser, Humana, Intel, Boeing, Sony, Lehman Brothers, Genesco Corp, as well as USAF, DOD, SOCOM and other various governmental intelligence agencies.

Our mission is to create the most efficient, convenient, and technologically-advanced products and related services through continued innovation, with the goal of improving data security, video quality, data delivery, increase data storage capabilities, and faster rendering engines without taxing computing resources to achieve superior results.

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